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Chin Chin!

Irish-style Extra Stout

December 6th

ABV 7.0%

Rye Villein

American Farmhouse Ale

December 6th

ABV 6.0%

Haze of Slate

Kveik IPA

December 14th

ABV 6.3%

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Elder Pine is the embodiment of our creative spirit. It is our passionate pursuit of better beer. Built on our family farm, we brew, and we blend, focusing on classic styles with a modern twist. We are committed to quality and excellence and pay homage to the pioneers before us by honoring purity in our ingredients and integrity in our methods. Our beer is ever evolving but rooted in tradition and our community. Who are we? George, Paul, David, and Andrew. Two brewers and two brothers.  Friends and family. Musicians, artists, engineers, and chemists. But most importantly, beer lovers. Join us on our journey.

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Blending is the art of combining beers into a harmonious array of flavors, textures, and aromas for a truly remarkable and unique experience. In particular, our barrel-aged sour beers will be fine-tuned and balanced through the blending process. Each souring vessel is unique and behaves differently from another vessel even mere inches away. The characteristic of these barrel-aged beers provides a dynamic palette for us to create the optimal blend at that particular moment in time.

 Elder Pine Beer Blending Equipment
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Upcoming Event

Elder Pine Tasting at Shawan Liquors

Date: December 14th

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